Ship Repair in Istanbul

    Ship Repair in Istanbul

    Alpha Marine ship Repair in Istanbul

    Our Services;

    Pipes works, steel works, machinery services, mechanical works, electrical works, carpentry works, security works, testing works. Alpha Marine is performing all kinds of ship repair in Istanbul by providing service day and night. Thanks to our expert staff and mobile equipment, small repairs are made possible during loading and unloading of the ship. Alpha Marine technical knowledge and expertise in the maritime industry has made it a specialist in ship repairs and maintenance. With our highly skilled and motivated cadres, we always complete your orders fast, carefully and in the time.

    Alpha Marine offers high standard quality with the best prices and conditions for ship repair in Istanbul. The company is getting competitive prices by cooperating with the most reliable Turkish shipyard. High qualified and experienced Naval Architects, workers and contracts are working under our management to serve our costomers. We provide repair, maintenance, renovation and inspection services in all the Istanbul ports, floating, anchorage areas, shipyards, including docking and scaffold repairs, with a price advantage of 7/24.

    We are organizing the planning and organization of the ship repair in Istanbul and maintenance works of the ship to be pooled in line with the demands of the ship owner representatives. Alpha Marine provides full scape service related to dock scheduled periodic and emergency ship repair in Istanbul.

    We provide our customers with routine maintenance and repair needs in Istanbul as well us turnkey solutions for the most complex damage ship repair in Istanbul. Alpha Marine ship repair in Istanbul carries out extensive activities for the maritime industry and follows the main issues. Through our years of experience, our team has gained considerable experience, improved our ship repair technology and success fully completed numerous contracts for our national and international clients.

    The established safety culture has been supported by precisely proven procedures and this Alpha Marine has a good work safety performance. We are pleased to reflect this approach in the process from the very beginning to the delivery of our customers. We have facilities that can serve a wide range of ship repair in Istanbul projects ranging from emergency docking to conversion jobs and have the experience to manage their own design.

    Our customers include some of the major oil tanker companies and their contractors besides the well-known Mediterranean companies. Many of our clients are our customers who are satisfied with the services they have received from Alpha Marine and come back to us.

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