Ship Repair Service

Alpha Marine has an experience to all kinds of ship owners' demands worldwide. Technical knowledge and expertise in the maritime industry has made it a specialist in ship repairs and maintenance.

With our highly skilled and motivated cadres, we always complete your orders fast, carefully and on time.

Alpha Marine is a full-service company having the expertise to handle any type of repair or modification of dry cargo vessels, ro-ro, tankers, container vessels, river and sea going vessels.

Alpha Marine aims to provide a first class service with high quality, cost-effective, timely repair thinking.

Our Services

  • Hull & Tank Cleaning
  • Electrical Works
  • Insulation Works
  • Steel Works
  • Pipe Works
  • Carpentry Works
  • Machinery Services
  • Mechanical Works
  • Security Works
  • Testing Services


Alpha Marine has a high capacity to provide simultaneous repair maintenance services to many ships.

Floating Dock No-1

  • Max. Length 125 m
  • Max. Breadth 17,5 m
  • Lifting Capacity 4000 ton

Floating Dock No-2

  • Max. Length 155 m
  • Max. Breadth 26 m
  • Lifting Capacity 7000 ton

Floating Dock No-3

  • Max. Length 156 m
  • Max Internal Width 26 m
  • Max External Width 32 m
  • Lifting Capacity 8000 ton

Floating Dock No-4

  • Max. Length 227 m
  • Max Breadth 36 m
  • Lifting Capacity 22000 ton